Max Mara

Weekend Max Mara launched in 1983 as a collection of casual apparel designed for weekend adventures.

Developed by Max Mara in 1983 as a casual, outdoor collection ideal for weekends as the name suggests, Weekend Max Mara is the perfect solution for women seeking garments that are practical and versatile, yet full of colour and elegantly feminine. Pieces that express the true concept of “utility de luxe”, a clever combination of glamour and sophistication matched by the label’s original sportswear DNA. Signature Weekend Max Mara styles include outerwear classics such as the Duffle Coat, Parka and Pea coat, which are continuously updated in their fit, palette and mood of the moment.

Over the decades, Weekend Max Mara has evolved into an inspirational Italian lifestyle brand that has flawlessly preserved its relaxed legacy while incrementing its offering with a multi-occasion versatility.

Its authentic nature perfectly embodies the spirit of empowered, cultured and life-loving women all over the world, with an open mind and free spirit. Ladies whose mantra is above fashion, beyond trends. Today, Weekend has developed its own identity within the Max Mara world.

Launched as an off-shoot of the main Max Mara collection, as its name suggests, Weekend Max Mara offers an authentic wardrobe of sophisticated relaxed pieces and handsome outdoor wear for women seeking to look chic even in their free time. Beyond fashion and season, the new and empowering approach to casual wear was immediately well-received by self-confident women, who were increasingly carving out a position for themselves on the evolving social and work scene.